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Okay so your budget is $5k.

You would want (as a good all-round platform):

-Revert back to stock BOV (better for you in the long run).
-*edit* Fuel Pump
-Tune (Ecutek/Verso....use the search button for more info)
-Slotted rotors
-Better pads
-Beter brake fluid
-Stiffer springs
-Bigger swaybar/s

Then you'd have more grunt as you want (specifically, a lot more torque). As Kato said, no point upping the power and then relying on stock brakes + suspension to keep you away from trees/poles/old people.

If you aren't giggling like a school girl from those mods, save up some more $$$ get a VF34/P20 or a TD05/20G, set of injectors if required and a retune. Giggidy

My 2c.

Happy Modding.
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