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I am just a dad with a couple of kids who loves cars, but not like the mad love often displayed here. I drive my car/cars daily and do high mileage.
I went DBA 4000 slotted rotors, Bendix ultimate pads.
It stops as well as my new betty STi in daily driving situations, possibly better due to less pedal pressure required. In fact, as a daily the WRX stops better.
Do not thread crap (I know less fade yada yada) I am just saying about daily driving.
I went ecutek, with cold air intake, walbro fuel pump and 3"TBE.
It was a new car, seriously worth every cent of the roughly 5K all the basic mods cost.
It will put your car in stock STi territory for power/torque. Roughly. It will be noisy to drive though.
my 2 cents worth.
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