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Default E85 / Motec / (WA) Tuners

To the fellow 'M family'...

Has anyone here, (PWRX / WA local) or even someone that you know east, got a WRX / Sti running on fulltime E85, with a motec, tuned by someone who knows the stuff?

I understand the requirements re: fueling to run sugar juice, and all of its added benefits, I just wanted feedback as to does anyone have it running, and running well, on said ECU, and who tuned it?

Ramon, the ute is not a Motec is it?
Blaise I think runs E85 in the 6.5, but I dont know if he has Motec, or who tunes it?
MMS run their race cars on E85 yes? But would that be under EcuTek management?

Just trying to put the feelers out, get a bit of a knowledge base up, before my car cracks into life. Does ASG do it? Noting I am NOT (lesson learned) taking the car to InTune or TS's.

For (on topic) discussion.

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