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Cheers for the comments guys quick update on the mods side of things:

Yesterday I left my car in the very capable hands of John and the guys at wheels world to do some fettling with. End result -> my car is now running on the SPEC-C struts and springs that I got off of Stace (aka Tuna), happy days!!!! while it was there I got them to change my swaybar settings as well so I am now running the stiffest setting at the front and middle setting at the rear.

Overall changes have been HUGE with the car now handling like a cat on carpet! the new struts/springs make the car sit a bit higher, (so a future mod might be to get some lowered springs) but the driveability has improved markedly so I really don't care. At the end of the day I have now finished my budget for the year and couldn't be happier with the results as the little beast now handles proper well and looks the business too!!

Originally Posted by Soksta View Post
White calipers?
Shit son, you be crazy!
haha yep this is the general response that I get from people! all worth it in the end though, only give them a good scrub about once a month and they seem to be holding up well, still nice and white!!
Now handles like a cat on carpet
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