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You are always welcome mate.

When the pack came, I was actually stunned. The kit didnt come with the shifter. Read the instructions and it said that the kit will reduce both the throw and the shift slack through the various bearing and T-joint supplied. We went ahead with the bearings, bushes and mounting kit regardless.

Result were phenomenal. We achieved a full track ready 6-speed shift. No slack in the shifter, shorter throw (not over the top) with race-precise shifting.

My analysis of this, is the R+D done behind the scenes has achieved a top-notch product. I had taken the R+D performed on the GRB they mentioned in South America's annual TC2000 too lightly. In comparison, the other short shifters kits and adapters we have installed previously made the shift short, the shifting action became shorter but stiffer at the same time, with unprecise engaging of gears.

If you want a race-car shifting feel, the CS shifter is the one to get. Every pivot and joiner is suppied with a bearing upgrade. Who would have thought of that.

Below are some pics of the install.

T-Joiner Piece installed. This kit has internal bearings and washers. For those of you technically inclined, the long bolt and nut has now been replaced by 2 shorter bolts of either side as the bearing internally is also threaded. This allows for easy removal if the bearings are to be replaced next time:

Poly-urethane bushing installed to prevent sideways slack.

Bushing kit above the pivot point is also removed, adding new washers with an internal bearing for smooth and precise engaging:

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