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Default Let's talk Tuning (KiDo Tunes)

Lets talk tuning!

There are 3 basic kinds of tune, regardless of the car, engine or ECU. One of those kinds of tune will be the one YOU WANT, and trust me, if you have ever had a car tuned, especially a turbo car, you will know what I mean.

Dyno Queen: A car whose owner is all about the maximum number the car can produce. The owner wants this to compete on a numbers basis with other cars, either on the day, on the same dyno, or on a forum like this.

Street Tune: This is not a tune done on the street necessarily, it can be done on a dyno, or on the road or a combination, but the essential thing is driveability. This means things like the turbo spooling as early as possible, and maximising average torque, as distinct from the maximum peak. You have to love a flat torque curve!

Track Tune: Again, it can be done on a dyno or a track or road or a combination, but the essential thing here is maximising the acceleration so things like early spool are not so important, but maximising torque through the rev range used in gear when flat out is the key. This may make for an unpleasant street car but thats not the point, so who cares? Who in their right mind would want to drive a V8 Supercar down to the supermarket?

What kind of tune do you want? KiDo will provide a blend of Street and Track suitable for most purposes.

KiDo Racing is proud to be able to offer a new tuning facility to Subaru owners ( we do some Mitsubishi as well). This service is delivered through an alliance between KiDo Racing and a world renowned tuner, someone known and respected in the Subaru tuning communities of OpenECU and RomRaider, Matt Mcleod.

Matt is well known in the RomRaider world both as a tuner and as a developer of Definition files. Some of the recognised work Matt has done includes tuning a 2010 STi I tuned for Targa Tasmania got 6th place in 4WD Modern and another STi which gained 4th place in TMR Showroom Modern

Right about now you might be asking where is Matt, what city does he tune in, etc. The answer is that it doesn't matter where Matt is, because we deliver the tune to you by email! Now before you jump to conclusions, and assume that we provide an “out of the box tune” let me tell you, KiDo Racing is never going to sell an out of the box tune. Now you might start to wonder how a tune can be delivered and installed and CUSTOMISED to suit your car via email?

It's easy, you order your tune through KiDo Racing, you provide your delivery address, you pay for the tune which includes rental of the equipment you will need, and we deliver it to your door.

The tuning process requires that you copy the current tune (whether it's OEM or not) from your ECU and email it to us. We then reply with a modified version of that file. You install, and TEST it, providing us with a log of many of the engine parameters. We then adjust the tune and email the new version to you. The process is repeated until we have optimised the tune for your car. All the instructions, hardware and software is provided. Once the tuning is complete you return the equipment to KiDo Racing. The cost of return is included in the total price, all you need to do is post it.

What equipment is in the package?

A Tactrix Cable & Micro Sdcard

A Innovate MTX-L wideband air/fuel meter

A CD with all the required software and instructions.

A printed user guide.

What you will need to supply is a Laptop running Windows XP, Vista or 7 with 2 USB ports.

What I haven't told you yet is what truly makes a KiDo Racing tune unique, and that is the parameters that are massaged in the tuning process. For the technically minded, Matt will change the scaling parameters in a number of tables as required, something no other tuner does. He will also change parameters in up to 120 tables, where most other tuners change 15 to 20 tables. Matt knows and understands things like DBW (Drive By Wire) and AVCS (Active Valve Control System) (What’s Inside: Active Valve Control System) better than anyone else I have spoken to or know of, and adjusts the associated tables to achieve superb driveability and a truly progressive throttle response. In turbo cars the turbo typically spools up earlier and holds boost longer, The effect is visible on a dyno output where the torque curve is flater, and more importantly your “bum dyno” will feel the difference. A nice side effect often achieved is improved fuel economy, but given that this is also controlled by your right foot, we can't guarantee it. You might love the increased performance so much that you use it a lot more.

If fact we are so confident that you will love our tune, we will either adjust it or provide it FREE if you are not 100% happy.

What cars do we tune?
Subaru, Dec 2000 and later, Turbo. Dec 2002 or later N/A
Some Mitsubishi's. (please ask about yours)

Our tunes are very cost effective, much cheaper than a typical dyno tune, and with results that count where you use it, on the road. PM or Email for a price. Some cars do cost more than others due to their level of complexity.

Got Questions?
You know what to do, ask!

Contact KiDo Racing
Ph: 0422 337 392
KiDo Racing - your choice for coilovers and high performance brake kits

Because STOPPING is never optional.
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