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Question I'm a little lost with this ECU re-set business

It might initially seem odd that some dude from the west coast of Canada is seeking information on his JDM vehicle here on an Aussie forum... but it'll hopefully make sense why I am doing so.

JDM vehicles are rather rare in Canada, and they're even more rare in the States (due to their more restrictive import laws). I'm often frustrated that I can't find the info I want on North American Subie forums. And I can't speak Japanese, so that effectively rules out forums in Japan. I believe there's some sort of familiarity with JDM vehicles Down Under, so here I am.

And here's my problem...

I've read and re-read this thread as well as its companion thread -
How to read Subaru CEL (GC8 stock ecu only) When I connect the black connectors and turn the ignition key to ON, there are no signs of the diagnostic mode... no relays clicking, no fans running. However, I get a code 24 flashing (Idle air control solenoid) which is rather odd as the car doesn't appear to exhibit any idle speed issues.

I wanted to clear the code, so I went through the process of connecting the green connectors with each other, as well as connecting the black ones. That produced all the clicks and whirs which I was expecting to witness in the previous process. Anyway, I also went through the other steps with the gas pedal. After I started the engine and drove for a couple of minutes, instead of the CEL flashing the all clear signal, I got a code 32 (Oxygen sensor).

That was odd, but I thought that if I then connected just the black connectors, that it would now indicate this "new" code 32. But no, it instead displayed the "old" code 24... which was supposed to have been re-set by the previous green-green and black-black process.

What is going on? What am I missing? Have pity and help a poor confused Canuck out, eh!
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