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CarModsAus 29-03-2011 06:21 PM

Car Mods Australia now brings you AUTRONIC, Limited special $2349 Del.
Car Mods Australia is now proud to be able to supply the complete AUTRONIC Range.



[SIZE=3][COLOR=red][U][B]Special PerthWRX Pricing is SM4 PNP $2349 Delivered, RRP 2950.[/B][/U][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[I]Autronic is a Australian owned company that is based in Melbourne. The company was formed in 1987.[/I]

[I]Autronic now produces three engine management models, the SMC,SM2 and SM4 plus replacement boards for Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi EVO cars. All offer three dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and are full sequential. Also two exhaust gas analyzers, the A and B models.[/I]

[I]All Autronic engine management systems are available with the optional Autotune ? chip and software which enables hands free tuning with no input is required from the user other than running the engine through its various RPM and load sites.[/I]

[I]The company is only small but this has not stopped its sales of engine management systems to many parts of the world. The engine management systems are well respected for there reliability and resistance to interference from other engine components.[/I]

[I]Autronic engine management systems will control injectors correctly, and are renowned for their ability to control large injectors on small capacity engines at small injector openings.[/I]

[I]Autronic engine management systems are used across the world in race engines in Group A and N touring cars and rally cars, Drag racing, Water ski race boats, Power boats and have won major races world wide.[/I]
[I]Autronic injected ski race boats won the recent 2001 world ski titles in the USA, taking first and second place.[/I]

[I]Autronic has produced replacement ECU boards for the original ECU on Mitsubishi EVO 4,5,6,7 and 8. Subaru WRX 1995-96, 1997-98, 1999-00 and 2001-2005. Honda Civc/Integra 1992-95 (OBD1) and also 1996-00 OBD2 cars when used with the supplied adapter harness.[/I]

[I]The original motherboard and connector are removed from the ECU case, and the Autronic motherboard and connector, clips or screws into the case. The original harness plugs in and the job is done, no wiring and all original sensors are used. External view of ECU case and connector is unchanged from its stock appearance.[/I]

[I]Considerable gains in power across the complete RPM range can be achieved with these boards. Both road car and Group N rally car versions available.[/I]

[I]Allows full control over fuel, ignition timing, boost pressure and all other engine functions. All boards have Anti-lag and Autotune.[/I]

[I]All boards are supplied with base programs are available. Some final tuning will be required.[/I]

[I]All these ECU except for the Subaru 2001-05 model are based on the SMC family of ECU with stepper idle control, ignition coil dwell and internal reluctor added. The Subaru 2001-2005 is based on the SM4.[/I]


Give me a call on 1300 277 443 or a PM if you are interested or want an Perth-WRX deal :)


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