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Old 14-05-2011, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by MaxAction View Post
Well, it might be the case that the installation wasn't up to standard. These systems were installed Australia wide and the installers were paid by the system. I heard numbers coming from NSW where they put in 15 systems per installer per a day. We only ever got it up to 6 systems per day. The Subaru guys here in WA dreaded it when they had to ship a car, because of certain specifications from another state to WA. Without us knowing they did check our standards of workmanship against installers from other states and gave our installer the thumbs up.

Well, the question is was it the alarm module or the keypad module? As I stated the keypad module is causing most if not all of the problems, while the alarm or upgrade modules are working o.k. in most cars. As I stated in my original post we didn't design the brant system and we didn't supply any of it and in my more than 20 years experience in the car alarm industry I have seen some bad system failures. However so far I have not needed to change any of the brant alarm/upgrade modules in WRX cars, but plenty of keypad systems and that's why we looked for an exchange system in order to uphold the level of security required by insurance companies and what these cars require.

Hmm, I guess that depends once again on the standard of installation and the are some guys here claiming that it is a big job. Then I just did a bit more reading here and find prices quoted of $700+ for a new alarm. However that will very from company to company and level of alarm reinstalled. However that sort of $$$ could imho be better spend especially if one can established that the keypad is at fault and not the alarm/upgrade module. That btw was my suggestion rather ripping everything out first and then what ... .

Well, if that is your opinion I will accept it as such. However having read through some more of the threads on here, I found some misinformation, totally wrong statements and some totally misguided advice.
When someone (a WRX owner in trouble) asked me to come on here and share some of my knowledge I had some reservations, but decided that it couldn't hurt to offer some help as there are more intelligent alternatives to the "all out approach".
Hi there! Before I go on, I have to inform you that I am a licensed auto mechanic and electrician. I also run a Dynapack 4WD dyno tuning Vi-pec, Motec and PFC, with a Carman Diagnostic Scanner and full Snap-on tools.

I have removed so many Brants and repaired them and tell you what, you will have less problems with any other system. By the way, thanks to Brant for giving me so much additional business!

The Brant is made up of 2 control units. The main control unit and the secondary control unit

Main Control Unit: Controls the alarm system by piggy backing onto the factory system. This does the starter immobilisation, the shock trigger, anti hijack and the door, boot and bonnet alarm triggers.

Secondary Unit: Control the extra 2 immobilsiation points including the fuel pump via the ecu.

The case in this post:

#1 Your secondary control unit failed! The dry joints on your secondary board cause the electical arteries to be blocked. Intermittent signals via the ecu to the fuel pump is just not gonna cut it enough. Therefore, difficulty starting

#2 Secondary control unit failed! While driving, the bad soldering on the board agian has a dry joint. The car intermittently stalls and triggers an ecu code --- fuel pump failure! Once Mrr dry joint decides to get a little 'wet', it pumps fuel into the engine again and the car gets 'excited' and decides to run again.

Well guys the Brant is repairable but if the main control box fails, you've had it!
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Old 02-06-2011, 07:37 PM
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Just to update the post. It seems the guys at Evolution R have found the issue. I am getting some work completed there soon and wanted them to give the car the once over today,to ensure everything is ok, prior to modyfiing the car further.

We put the car on the dyno, did a run and once the car had been idling for about 2 min, the second fault from my first post happened. Warick hooked up the scan tool and we managed to get :-

P0340 camshaft position sensor A code up.

Hopefully changing this sensor will eliminate the problem. The #1 issue from the 1st post,may also be related to this sensor fault, however we are not 100% sure as yet.

Would just like to say a big thank you to Mao and Warick from Evolution R , this issue has been bugging me for over 12 months. It is not completely sorted yet, but Subaru could not even tell me what was wrong with the car.

I now feel we have found the problem and once the sensor is replaced and if after a couple of weeks I have not had any further issues, I will know it has been sorted.

Will keep this post updated with my findings once I have tested the new part, for any members who might also have this issue in the future.


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Old 09-04-2013, 06:26 PM
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Default brant isssue

hey my 06 wrx is having a similar problem, firstly it all started when my car didnt start, had rac come out and they said it was my fuel pump, so i replaced my fuel pump which resolved the problem. Then the next day i drove down the road and the car dropped revs and shut off (felt like it stalled) after about 10 attempts of starting the car again it finally started. it did this alot of times, seemed fine then always cut out while driving. I then took it to allstar and they said it was the fuel pump controller, which they changed after a decent amount of dollars spent my car then did the same thing.. so annoying! Allstar currently by passed the fuel pump controller and my car is running fine with it by passed although engine light is on.

any ideas of what to do now or who to go to?
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Old 09-04-2013, 06:58 PM
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RichX knows their stuff

I was led to believe that when the brant enters anti-hijack etc, it cuts fuel. So if the brant is playing up, it will make it look like the fuel pump.
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Old 09-04-2013, 07:12 PM
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RIP the fucker that is BRANT.. What you have described is exactly what I was experiencing. Same WRX model etc. In the process of investigation I upgraded the Fuel Pump to a Walbro. That didnt turn out to be it & I was stumped to why it kept on occurring, until Mao from Evolution R sorted me out by having the section of the Brant removed that cuts the Fuel. (Went Faulty & is very common)

Have not had a single repeat since it was sorted by Mao. Top work & I suggest you do the same
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Old 09-04-2013, 10:07 PM
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thanks guys! saved me some time and money for sure. The brant system is causing way to many problems for everyone! ill see what all star say about the brant and its issue with my fuel cut off, see if they can sort it if not im going to evolution r !
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brant, crank, iacv, issues, maf, o2, sensor

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