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[REXPLOIT] 10-03-2011 11:48 AM

E85 / Motec / (WA) Tuners
To the fellow 'M family'...

Has anyone here, (PWRX / WA local) or even someone that you know east, got a WRX / Sti running on fulltime E85, with a motec, tuned by someone who knows the stuff?

I understand the requirements re: fueling to run sugar juice, and all of its added benefits, I just wanted feedback as to does anyone have it running, and running well, on said ECU, and who tuned it?

Ramon, the ute is not a Motec is it?
Blaise I think runs E85 in the 6.5, but I dont know if he has Motec, or who tunes it?
MMS run their race cars on E85 yes? But would that be under EcuTek management?

Just trying to put the feelers out, get a bit of a knowledge base up, before my car cracks into life. Does ASG do it? Noting I am NOT (lesson learned) taking the car to InTune or TS's.

For (on topic) discussion. :)


Mister Two 10-03-2011 11:53 AM

BALISTC Joe has a motec tuned on a 50/50 mix of E85 and U98. tuned by Sean @ ASG.

Kato 10-03-2011 12:05 PM

Sean has done Joe's car and Blaises on the motecs with the e-juice.

Worthwhile speaking to GTI Performance, XSpeed and the likes too. Ant has probably done skylines on e85.

Thar be lots of people running it now, so should be a decent amount of tuners doing it.

Rossco 10-03-2011 12:14 PM

Pix of new engine parts don't seem to be loading......

BALISTC 10-03-2011 12:29 PM

ASG tuned mine... did a great job! Sean has tuned a fair few cars on E85.

Basically, i went the TMIC/E42.5 combo (50:50 E85 and U98), and compared to my FMIC/U98 tune, it made same power as my last FMIC tune and 60nm more torque at a lot lower RPM. Made enough torque to snap my first ever driveshaft the other week, and I've done PLENTY of launches previously!

A few more facts:

- Straight E85 will probably not net any better results than running the E42.5 mix, because as far as I'm aware, the E42.5 is as ping proof as you'd need in a street car.. wind in as much timing as you like and it still won't ping.

- Its cheaper to run on half half E42.5, but a pain to mix (have to fill up a drum with exactly 19L of U98 and then drop it in with a pre-poured 19L drum of E85 to get the correct mix).

- E85 is more expensive on its own than running the fuel mix, but way more convenient.. although you could say that its negligible, as if you buy it in 205L drums, it ends up cheaper than buying it in 19L drums (which you need if you're running it 50:50 to get the mixtures right). If you have an accurate way of measuring exact amounts of each, then its going to be cheaper to run the mix by siphoning it out of the 205L drum rather than buying it in a pre-poured 19L drum.

- You'll need bigger injectors and pump for E85 (ID1000s and an 044) where as my Walbro and chop tops covered the fuel requirements for E42.5 easily.. this is the MAIN reason I run the mix, not straight E85.

-Fuel lines seem to cope with the E42.5 mix, can't speak for E85 in a Subaru though.

teejay 10-03-2011 12:35 PM

Ant @ Xspeed has done E85 and plenty of motecs.

WRXRW 10-03-2011 01:10 PM

mms run dean's on motec tuned on ethanol with ID1000's and single 044, the sister car is still using U98 and the aus spec 2.5lt bathurst car with ecutek again runs U98.

WRXRW 10-03-2011 01:16 PM

FYI if you upgrade to Injector Dynamics, these injectors are not compatible with certain racefuels like VP109, ROO16 or C24 because of the added MTBE.

American Dave 10-03-2011 01:32 PM

Martin Donnon of Willall Racing in Adelaide has. He tuned their MY08 WRX STI betty using E85 fuel. He also drove the car in the Time Attack Series at Mallala this past weekend.

The E85 betty beat them all apparently !

"Here are the 14 other cars running in the same class that we ran against on the day and emerged at the end with the fastest lap time and of course the winners tropy. Even 2 x R35 GTRs in that lot"

1. Infinity Signs - EVO 10MR #208 CLUB/AWD
2. Infinity Signs - MY07 STi #47 CLUB/AWD
3. Steve Knight Racetech - EVO 6.5 #93 CLUB/AWD
4. Steve Knight Racetech - EVO 7 #747 CLUB/AWD
5. Steve Knight Racetech - EVO 6 #586 CLUB/AWD
6. Steve Knight Racetech - R34 GTR #34 CLUB/AWD
7. Steve Knight Racetech - EVO 6 #6 CLUB/AWD
8. Willall Racing - R35 GTR #35 CLUB/AWD
9. All Seasons Air Conditioning - R33 GTR #777 CLUB/AWD
10. S & J Automotive - MY00 STi #106 CLUB/AWD
11. S & J Automotive - MY02 STi #33 CLUB/AWD
12. S & J Automotive - MY07 WRX #76 CLUB/AWD
13. S & J Automotive - R35 GTR #22 CLUB/AWD
14. Mike Dale Automotive - VR4 GALANT #36 CLUB/AWD

I run Martin's flash tune in my Foz and love it.

JDM_STYLE 10-03-2011 01:40 PM

Mine doesn't have a Motec as you know but I will be running straight E85 in the next 2months as its just easier than farking around getting mixes done and doesn't really cost that much considering 98 will be around $1.60-1.80lt soon and will only keep going up, just gotta organise a few goodies first to go on for the tune.

Will be interesting to see how many others on here will make the jump to a bag of CC 's powered rexies in the future. :D

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