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Old 21-11-2014, 03:00 PM
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Default GF8 Track Car EOI


It has come to a regrettable point in my life where I need to start to think about selling my track car. My circumstances in life have changed & this hobby is no longer on the radar in the near future due to family commitments.

I don't have an itemised list, nor due to being a slack fucker, have receipts for everything, but I am pretty confident that this car has had 60K+ spent on it over the last 2 1/2 to 3 years, with the majority of that spent in the last 9 months or so.

The link to the thread on the car which is very comprehensive can be found HERE for those interested.

To keep it brief, the car is still undergoing a rebuild / upgrade. The last outing saw a bearing failure, necessitating a rebuild. The engine was a 2.1 stroker the last time it was run at Barbagello & the entire engine has undergone a complete rebuild since, with all brand new parts. The engine has also been Darton sleeved & has had the capacity taken to 2.35 litres.

The car is not far off being able to drive, with the pedal box being required to be finished mounting, the accelerator pedal cable needs to be installed & the brakes & clutch bled before it can be actually driven. Its pretty much basic stuff to get it driveable, 95% of the work has been completed it just needs finishing.

Below is a list of the main items on the car & there are also some engine spares that come with the car also & a few other bits & pieces I am happy to discuss to the right buyer.

With the engine running as a 2.1 stroker with the same turbo it has on it now, with the .82 housing, it made just over 500hp & 420ftlb of torque. We ran out of time to play with the AVCS on the dyno sheet below & that's why the boost was spiking towards the end of the run, but you can see that at around 5000rpm the car is close to making its maximum torque and by 6250 rpm its making over 500hp at around 23 psi.

My intention was always to put around 30 psi of boost into it, so there will be more in it if you want it & the engine has been put together to take that much power. It probably looks laggy as hell, but on the track its not at all. You can keep it on song all the way around Barbagello, hell I even drove it at the Speed Event Series at Jacks Hill & it was fine in terms of response.

Below is the list of how the car stands now. The car does start & run & has running in oil in the sump tank, but will need to be run in & tuned as everything on the engine is different.

Short Motor

2.35 Stroker - Compression ratio 8.1:1
EJ20G Closed Deck casing
Darton cast iron sleeves
97.5mm Weiseco pistons
Pauter X beam rods
ARP rod bolts
Manley billet crank
ARP case bolts
ACL Race bearings
Flidamper crank pulley


Spec C big bore heads (AVCS Inlet)
Extensive porting on intake & exhaust
Kelford 272/268 cams (Inlet 11.3mm / Ex 10.5mm lift)
Ferrea 6000 series, 1mm oversize valves (intake & exhaust)
Ferrea collets
Bronze guides recently installed
New stem seals recently installed
14MM PBMS head studs
Adjustable exhaust timing gears

Long motor

Process West inlet manifold
Tomei timing belt
Timing belt cammed tensioners
1.5 Scroll headers
GT35R with a 1.07 housing currently on it & a spare 0.82
Turbosmart external gate
Twin plate clutch
Complete Dry Sump kit 9 liter oil capacity

Fuel system

E85 safe 255 lift pump
Process West swirl pot
2 X Bosch 044 pumps
AN8 teflon feed line
Fuelab fuel filter running @ 10 micron
E85 safe, black braided fuel lines
Aeromotive fuel rails
ID2000 injectors
Proflow fuel regulator
Modified return line
Zeitronix E85 sensor (brand new not installed)


1200HP rated Water to Air intercooler core. This sits behind the dash.
52MM radiator in the boot to cool the water 660x508x52
2 Thermo fans on the radiator
Ice box after the radiator, for extra water capacity, or to use ice for extra cooling.
Bosch water pump
Inline valve to control the water flow for optimum cooling

Engine management

Vipec ECU – This is to suit a GD car, with a full wiring swap being completed
GReddy boost controller
Individual cylinder temperature monitoring
Auto Meter shift light
Innovate MXL wideband AFR meter
Genuine Defi 52mm gauges in centre top dash pod (Boost, Water & Oil pressure)


DCCD 6 Speed 3.9 ratio
DCCD pro controller
Cobb adjustable shifter
R180 rear diff


STD Coilovers
Whiteline 244MM dual adjustable front sway bar
Whiteline 27MM triple adjustable rear sway bar
Whiteline heavy duty sway bar mounting kit
Whiteline anti Lift Kit
Whiteline sub frame lock kit
Whiteline front roll centre / bump steer correction
2004 STI alloy arms
Custom Titanium additional castor kit


STD 6 pot fronts, with floating hat discs 355mm
Subaru 2 pot rears on the car at the moment (STD 4 pot available, but need to be installed, complete with floating discs. 330mm)
Pedal box with bias adjustment front to rear.

Interior / Exterior bits

Cusco bolt in cage
2 Bride seats (copies)
Complete dash from a 2004 STI inclusive of dash cluster.
OMP harnesses
Carbon fiber bonnet
70mm Extended wheel arches

Wheels & Tyres

18” Work Emotion XD9 10” all round
285 Hankook Z221 semis

17” Rota Fighter
255 Hankook Z214

Here are the compulsory photos of the car. It may not be the prettiest thing around, but its built for one thing & it does that really well.

I cant remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I have done a high 63 second long track and around a 54 sec short track at Barbagello in it. It will go quicker in the right hands, it just needs tuning correctly & setting up the suspension components to suit.

The car is also still registered on a B class licence, so so long as you have a Cams licence (L2S will suffice) you can drive the car on the road, so long as you are

Traveling to a race meeting or event.
Taking the car to a place of mechanical repair / service.
To a place of show or display.

Or something to that wording, I cant remember off the top of my head, but its on the rego paperwork.

Price : 25k

I'm happy to answer any questions.
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Old 21-11-2014, 04:49 PM
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Fuck........ That's the shittest thing I've read all day.....

Seagul Side note, how much for the rear brakes? ;-) should fit the new car nicely... ;-)
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Old 21-11-2014, 06:34 PM
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RoughStilin at standard level

Hey Ash,

I really don't want to go down the separation road

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Old 21-11-2014, 07:27 PM
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OK if u change your mind.... :
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Old 21-11-2014, 08:43 PM
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Need a price mate

Good luck with the sale
Love the build
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Old 22-11-2014, 05:33 AM
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RoughStilin at standard level

Price added

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