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Default How To Post Up Images

Figured i would make this little tutorial on how to post images in your posts as many people dont know how to do it

So i hope this helps those of you that dont know

1. Go to and click browse, choose the file you want to upload by double clicking the file and then click the Host it! button. See

2. Once your image has been uploaded your screen should look like below. The box highlighted in red is for thumbnails. This will produce a little picture which is clickabe to enlarge. See example at bottom of post.
If you want to show your picture without having to click a thumbnail, copy and paste the code from the box highlighted in green on the example.
If you want a direct link to your image copy and paste the link highlighted in blue into your text box.

3. Thats it, Look below at what the links do.

Hope this helps

Direct image lnik:


Display image in post:

If you need any help, feel free to PM me.

P.S. I know its a shitty car but hey, its actually a tutorial from another forum that i adapted
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