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Default Long time lurker...

Hey There,

Just thought I'd introduce myself. The name's Les and I've been a member of the forums for awhile. Have bought parts of a couple of people here. Have had my Version 6.0 (No. 245 - reporting for duty) now for just on a year.

When I bought it, it came with one of those MRT upgrade packs as the car was originally from NSW. It had a Possum Link Version 5 ECU in it with the MRT 2.5" exhaust. The cat had gone it it though, so I decided to replace the whole lot with a 3" X-Force Canon ha. In doing that I was unsure of the tuning costs for the ECU so I replaced that with a standard Version 6 ECU and chucked on the exhaust.

It is my daily and at the moment I'm pretty broke ha, so no upgrades as yet. Maybe some suspension once the bank says I can do something with it.

Either way Haaaaiiiii guysss.


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