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Old 21-06-2018, 10:07 PM
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Bendix at standard level
Default Cars of Bendix - Meet & Eat May ‘18

Get the lowdown on this month's Cars of Bendix here! V8 trucks, turbo RWDs, and a 600hp bayside blue GTR, there's something for everyone.

Matt’s 1997 Suzuki Swift GTi

If there is a miniaturized Saturn V on four wheels, this would be it. Matthew’s 1997 Suzuki Swift GTi hot hatch days may seem to quaint in this age of 200kW turbocharged fire-breathing uber hatches, but pop the bonnet and you’ll see some additional firepower.

The venerable 1.3L was a 8000rpm screamer back in the days, but it’s taken a liking to forced induction now. A Garrett GT25 turbocharger sits way down in the engine bay, with only a wastegate to show for. The air/fuel mix is ignited up with an MSD Blaster coil and leads. Exhaust gasses are expelled via a custom, ‘quiet’ 3in mandrel bent exhaust. Pumping 124kW means this Swift is packing some power per pound. On lowered Lovell springs and 16in Buddy Club wheels, the GTi looks stuck to the ground, standing still or going around corners. Matt is the new owner of this Swift, with the previous owner doing all the work (also named Matt).

Emre’s Nissan Skyline GTR 34 VSPEC 2

What’s with all these crazy Nissans that keep coming to the shows? We always try hard not to favour one manufacturer, but it’s hard when there are so many quality Datsuns and Nissans show up. Emre’s Nissan Skyline GTR 34 V-Spec 2 (phew, what a mouthful) is a sweet cruiser bruiser. Just fresh from having its RB26DETT heart rebuilt by B2R Motorsports with forged internals, cams and other expensive gear, it powers all four wheels to the tune of 600hp. In between, an expensive Nismo Coppermix twin plate transmits the power from engine to the clever ATTESSA system. Outside, Emre left the car pretty stock, as the GT-R V-Spec 2 kit is already pretty aggressive. The only changes were TE37SL wheels with Tein coilovers, and a slightly more aggressive front lip. Built as a weekend cruiser, Emre definitely has necks snapped his way when he’s cruising the Bayside Blue beast!

Andrew’s 1998 Toyota Starlet

Let this be an inspiration to you; take your daily and turn it into this! Andrew’s Toyota Starlet started life as a humble A-to-B econobox. With a lick of paint (Midnight Purple III), JDM Glanza bodykit conversion, and some zero offset Work Equips, it’s an amazing head turner in traffic. The GT rear brakes replace the rear drums, and inside you’ll find hugging Recaro seats from the Evolution 6. Andrew says the weak stock engine will be pulled out soon in place of a turbocharged 4-EFTE that the Japanese models came with.

Rob’s 1997 Holden Commodore SS

Question: what do you do when you buy a mint Holden Commodore SS that’s only going to shoot up in value, but you have that modifying itch? Rob’s incredible 1997 Commodore VS looked like it just came out from the factory. With only 137,000kms on the clock, it’s a blast from the past. The paint and condition is immaculate inside out. Having owned it for 3 years, Rob has made some very small modifications to it to bring it into the 21st century. First off, he chucked on 20in Walkinshaw remakes that looked right at home tucked slightly under the guards. The brakes were upgraded all round for better stopping power…and that’s it. Other than keeping the SS in mint condition, there is no need for other modifications.

Emmanuel’s 1976 Toyota Celica TA23

It’s a funny thing with old school Toyota Celicas. They mainly fall into 3 categories; mint, restored examples, old Outlaw-styled with patina, or high powered, no expenses spared monsters. One look at the bright Ford XA GT orange paintwork and you sort of know which category Emmanuel’s Celica falls into. Pop the bonnet and the 1JZ-GTE basks snugly between the front radiator support and massaged firewall. Boosted by a GTX3582, drunk on E85 and putting power through a R154 gearbox, the Celica makes 380kW. Yes, let that sink in. Finished just two weeks ago, Emmanuel plans to take it down the drags and see what time it sets, but mostly he built it to be a fun cruiser. With only 235s on the back on 15x8in rims, it’ll be a very, very fun cruiser.

Tyler’s Mini Cooper Clubman GT

Tyler’s Mini Cooper has been restored and rebuilt to race in the Bathurst motorkhana for light cars. Inspired by the rare Aussie only Clubman GT, Tyler decided to add the external flares, restore the interior and pump the engine up from 1275cc to 1380cc. You may laugh at the tiny four piston in the engine bay, but slurping fuel and air through that massive Weber, it will propel the lightweight Mini towards the horizon without fuss. 13x6in wheels at each corner will give it plenty of grip on the race track. Painted a bright blue hue, Tyler’s Mini is sure to bring smiles wherever he drives it.

Wayne’s 1976 Ford F100

The Ford F-truck is the truck that other trucks look up to. Wayne’s F100 however, is the car in the poster F-truck owners have on their bedroom walls. Nine litres of supercharged Detroit V8 muscle will do that. With just under 900hp and 800lbs of torque to play with, Wayne has to be very careful with the throttle on his daily drive to work. Yes, this truck is a daily. Sure, Wayne is on first name basis with the local gas station owner, telling us once he spent nearly $400 on fuel a week, but nothing else puts a bigger smile on his face. “Just a bit too pokey on the throttle and the Mickey Thompson tyres on the 10in wide rear wheels will light up,” Wayne chuckles. As it’s his dad’s truck, the F100 has been in the family for 30 years, and he hopes it continues to stay in the family.

Ryan and Nelson’s 1996 BMW 318i

A pair of mates working out of their garage has put together a pretty amazing DIY turbo Beemer. Pop the hood of the 318i and you’ll see the ethos of having a go installed in the engine bay. The rubbish 4 pot has been tossed in favour of a proper straight six from the E46 330i. Nestled next to it is some eBay T3/T4 hybrid turbo, but that’s not important. Ryan and Nelson knew that while the turbo can be junked in the future, the manifold is where most of the power can be made. They spent over a grand on the custom high flow exhaust manifold. Next up was making sure the M3 cammed motor would be able to handle the boost. A big money Motec M130 GPR ECU was purchased to handle the duties, along with the required sensors. Nelson did most of the wiring and tuning, road and dyno. As he’s just a young P-plater, we were impressed. With 230kW at the wheels, it was finished just in time for the meet!

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