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MY92 - MY96 WRX, Turbo: TD05, Boost: 11psi
(Please note that the WRX has been out in Japan since 1992, hence the MY92)

MY97 - MY98 WRX, Turbo: TDO4-13G, Boost: 13.5psi

MY99 - MY00 WRX, Turbo: TD04L, Boost: 14.5psi

V5STi, Turbo: VF28, Boost: 17.5psi (JDM), 16psi (Aus de-tune)
(Please note that the V5 STi was delivered with 17.5psi but too many people popped engines due to shit fuel so Subaru Aust de-tuned most models to 16psi)

MY01 - MY02 WRX, Turbo: TD04L-13G, Boost: 13.5psi

MY02 STi, Turbo: VF35, Boost: 16.4psi

MY03 - MY05 WRX, Turbo: TD04L, Boost: 13.5psi

MY03 - MY05 STi, Turbo: VF35, Boost: 16.4spi
(I'm assuming 03-05 STi specs are the same, someone please correct me if these figures aren't correct)

MY03 - MY06 Forester XT, Turbo: TD04L, Boost: 11.6psi

MY06 - MY07 WRX, Turbo: TD04L, Boost: 13.5psi

MY06 - MY07 STi, Turbo: VF43, Boost: 14.93psi
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