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The model code is a seven digit code used to identify each model in the range.
This code is found on the VIN plate in the engine bay.
The following list breaks down the code reading from left to right.

Series code: G=Impreza S=Forester B=Legacy
Body type: F=Wagon C=Sedan
Engine type: 8=2.0L Turbo
Year code: A=MY93 B=MY94 C=MY95/96 D=MY97 E=MY98 F=MY99 G=MY00
Number of doors: 2=2 door coupe 4=4 door saloon 5=5 door sports wagon
Model type: 8= WRX 7= Type RA E = STi D =STi Type R & RA
Transmission: D=5 Speed Manual AWD P=4 Speed Automatic AWD

Broken down, the model code of an MY 95 WRX STi Type RA would be GC8C47D.
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