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Default RAYS Lug nuts

Hello P.WRX members,

We have the following Genuine RAYS Wheel Nuts on stock.

- RAYS Duralumin Lock and Nut Set 35mm(short) and 55mm(long style).

Rays Engineering, the maker of Volk Racing Wheels, has released a new line of racing lug nuts, these are extended in length for quick and easy installation and removal.

Made from Duraluminum, these lug nut are also extremely strong and light, standard nuts are typically around 55 grams, compared to the super light 23 gram Dura Nuts.

These lug nuts also feature one 7-sided nut per wheel. These heptagonal nuts can only be removed with the specially designed socket that comes with the set.

It's a great way to protect your wheels!

RAYS Duralumin Lock and Nut Set (available in blue, red and black)
P. WRX Price A$150. RRP $220

We are your local stockist:

Below: Genuine Rays comes with cleanly cut wheel lock nut key.

More pics:

Beware of fakes!

- RAYS Formula Nuts (available in red and blue).
These are fully theft proof and comes with the required keys to open them.
RRP --- $350
P.WRX Price --- A$315

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