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That's not true mate. I hardly remove Brants. I know you work for Subaru, but that doesn't mean that someone like me can't work on them at a fraction of the price the dealerships charge.

Been fitting alarms and immobilisers for over 15yrs even before the govt rebate scheme in the late 90s. We are registered with the Dept of Transport (installer no. 301) and the ICA Insurance Coucil of Australia.

I always isolate the problem a section at a time, through the ecu immobilisers, to the primary Brant unit.

I always leave the security system intact including the main immobilisers while bypassing the faulty section.

I will only remove the Brant entirely and replace it with a more reliable Autowatch, when the Brant fails entirely and repair costs outweigh the replacement with an Autowatch.

Originally Posted by johnvk7 View Post
Evo R dealing with Brant alarms = just removing them, regardless of whats wrong with them.

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