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Default Mod advice for a bug?

let me start this off with the following: I am a complete noob and I have never held a spanner in my life.

now, I am planning to mod my bugeye sti as I am chasing more speed and the ride isn't as smooth as I would like. Car currently has a APS CAI and a custom made TBE by Peter @ Carline on Newcastle.
I already know my first mod will be coilover as I find more comfort riding a jet ski in winter than driving my car on the freeway. I don't know what I should do next though. I have considered the following:

1. changing the APS CAI to a Apexi pod filter as I have no idea how old those K&N filters are and I don't have the tools to service it. so changing it to a dry filter might be a better idea?

2. exhaust. the previous owner had the cat gutted and I am considering putting a cat back in for insurance purposes (and to save dolphins). now, I am torn between just a high flow cat or a full TBE with varex. reason being my in laws and my folks will be coming here permanently soon and I would like to avoid looking too much like a hoon. any other suggestion?

3. EBC. thinking that if I go with varex, i might as well go with Blitz SBC ID Spec R so I can have two boost setting for open and close position for the varex. if not, then AVCR?

4. I know I need a tune as I am pretty sure I am running rich. should I do it after all the mods? or can I do one now and have it retune after? does a retune cost the same?

5. all other stuff on my car are OEM stuff. do you think I will have to upgrade my brakes or clutch to match the mods?

6. my car didnt come with a full service history and it is already at 156k. should i allocate some money for an engine rebuild or gear box rebuild? or should I get a compression test done first?

7. is it worth thinking about a EL header?

I know most of these questions don't really have a yes or no answer, but I would just like to know your opinion.
wanna get all my mods approved by you guys before i get them done
02STi - Vipec, Oval Varex, APS CAI with K&N Filter, Walbro 255L, 53MM Koyorad & STD Coilover

19.5psi tune 271.6HP@6000 351.3NM@4700

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