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Hey Mavx4,

Welcome to bug world, the 'black sheep' of the WRX family

For starters, good call in getting an STi over the cooking model. As much as I love my bug I am kicking myself now that I didn't find a good STi as having the 6speed box, extra power, brembo brakes etc. is def worth the premium.

I'm no expert, but I'll let u know what I have learned messing with cars and my mods done to my WRX.

1) Don't bother changing ur filter setup, it won't gain u any noticeable gains. Make sure the filter is clean, if not clean it if it serviceable or replace if necessary. If u don't know how to do it or don't have the tools I suggest u buy them as basic tools are very handy for small jobs - or bigger ones. If still stuck take a few pics of the setup and re-post.

2) Your exhaust probably has great flow but too loud yeah? I have a Japanese Sheepdog CBE which is quiet when driving normally but has good volume when giving it some. I wish mine was louder and a dump pipe and hi-flow cat are on my to-do list. Varex mufflers are good from what Iv'e heard but also u can get yellow stickered for one - others on this forum may be more helpful.

3) I'm not familiar with the differences between the two EBC's but I have a Blitz and it does the job fine.

4) I'm buying UEL headers, larger TMIC for my car then getting it dyno tuned, saves doing it twice. Mind u I will have to get it redone down the line when my car gets a vf34 turbo and fueling upgrades.

5) Keep ur current clutch until it is stuffed - won't take too long then go heavy duty, don't get a racing style clutch as I have done this on a RX-7 and it made it a nightmare for street driving and sold the car as I never used it. I would leave the Brembo's on, just use good quality brake fluid, braided lines and vented discs when time to replace comes. Even the Subaru brakes on my bug perform quite well on the track with this set up.

6) Is it difficult to change into any gear esp. when driving hard or crunching? If not its fine and the 6 speed box is known to be quite tough. If ur not sure of the history a compression test is a great idea, get ur mechanic to replace all fluids etc. Basically a major service would be a good idea - but at those kms the motor should still be strong enough for the mods u are suggesting.

7) U can get 10WKW from ELH, but u will lose the famous WRX rumble.

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Hope that helps somewhat, post some pics mate and yeah coilovers have been the best mod I have done to my car so far. I got STD ones fitted at Evolution R in Bentley.
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