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Default 1997 (MY98) WRX - Mods, Where to start, What to buy

Hey all,

Got myself a 1997 (MY98) WRX.
First WRX and first turbo car.

Bought it as a weekend car and an ongoing project.

Im a little confused on what mods to do, and what order.
I'm going to start accumulating parts, then fit it all and get it tuned.

Im planning on what seems to be a reasonably normal upgrade.
200 odd kw at the wheels.

From what ive read consists of:
STI tmic
vf34 turbo
walbro fuel pump
turbo back 3" exhaust
new ecu

A few questions,
What year sti tmic do you get to fit the MY98?
Does the my98 have a cat in the uppipe? If so, i replace that right?
What should i do with the intake? Pod filter? K&N in airbox?
Do i try and duct it through into the wheel arch for cooler air?
Do i run a silicon intake pipe once i get the sti tmic?
Do i need to upgrade injectors if i dont go over 200kw?

Also if i could get some idea of rough costs of the parts that would be awesome.

Thanks guys, seems to be a lot of knowledgeable ppl here!
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