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Originally Posted by neo__04 View Post
A few questions,
What year sti tmic do you get to fit the MY98?
Does the my98 have a cat in the uppipe? If so, i replace that right?
What should i do with the intake? Pod filter? K&N in airbox?
Do i try and duct it through into the wheel arch for cooler air?
Do i run a silicon intake pipe once i get the sti tmic?
Do i need to upgrade injectors if i dont go over 200kw?

Also if i could get some idea of rough costs of the parts that would be awesome.
A GD sti tmic (01-07) will fit, but you will need to modify a few things to get it to fit. Something like a Process west tmic may be more convenient as they are pretty much bolt in. Expect to pay up to $1000 new

my98 doesnt have a cat in the up pipe...

the general consensus is that you dont need a CAI... it only makes a cool induction noise. Give the intake a 'resonectomy' and you should be right

you can max out the injectors and still make just under 290hp... provided they are yellow tops

everything else is your choice really
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