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I just bought a new battery for the sled. Its super light wieght. Weighs LESS than 2kg. It wieghs just a fraction of the battery it replaces. And has 600cca rating aswell. Its a SSB lithium battery. Hopefully it will be the buisness. The wieght is amazing. You pick it up, and it is decievingly light. You almost think its hollow. Lithium batterys are making thier way into the auto market. And been around for quite a while in all kinds of cordless devicee for quite some time now. Although even as a professional auto electrician, i havent really had much to do with them yet. Ive only ever seen one before this one. So i qm really curious to see how it goes, mainly how reliable it will be.

I will do a youtube video review comparing it to a conventional wet cell, an AGM for comparisons when i get a chance.

Also tune is lined up in a few weeks.
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