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Default Autoglym Cloth Range

High quality products should be paired with high quality accessories. They work in harmony together to create the perfect finish. This is why at Autoglym HQ, we have spent countless hours testing a large range of microfibre cloths on our products to develop the perfect companion for our shampoo, polish and waxes.

Why use real microfibre
It’s important to use a high quality cloth when it comes to detailing, as cheaper brands use imitation microfibre fabrics which may be visually similar but upon closer inspection is made up of coarse designed material. This will often create swirl marks or sometimes light scratches in soft or thin paint, and generally has lower water absorbent properties making drying a car harder and longer.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a cloth for detailing. Material ratio, fabric weight, fibre toughness and thickness can make all the difference in cloth performance, paint protection and longevity of the cloth.

When it comes to detailing, knowing which Autoglym product to use will help you achieve the best results with the least effort. We’ve done the hard work of doing extensive testing to take out the guesswork and manufactured our accessories to be gentle on your car while tough on dirt and durable time after time even with heavy use if maintained correctly.

Autoglym Hi-tech Interior Microfibre
Perfect for all your hard interior surface, the 40 x 40cm Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre Cloth is designed for wiping away dust build-up, removing finger prints from your GPS screen and de-misting your cold morning windows.

It has carefully aligned microfibres to maximise dust collecting ability and with high quality sewn edges means that it will give you years of service.

It is the perfect cloth to have in your glovebox at all times.

Autoglym Hi-tech Mircrofibre Drying Towel
Designed to be super absorbent the 60cm x 60cm Autoglym Hi-tech Mircrofibre Drying Towel has been proven to give you streak free windows and paint work when drying your car after wash, it is also flexible enough to reach tight awkward areas.

Autoglym Hi-tech Aqua Dry
A synthetic leather with a unique structure which actually outperforms natural chamois leathers. The 54cm x 44cm Autoglym Hi-tech Aqua Dry can be used to dry your car following a wash which ensures a water spot free and streak free finish.

It is also excellent for wiping over surfaces to remove dampness and dirt from fabrics when using Autoglym interior cleaners.

Like all Autoglym cloths, they are designed to be extremely long lasting while it actually improves absorbency with each use.

Autoglym Hi-tech Finishing Cloth
The bright red Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth has a specially selected microfibre weave that will enhance the performance of many Autoglym products.

With its unique microfibre density this 40 x 40cm cloth is perfect for buffing Autoglym polish and wax to an unbeatable shine, while providing great absorbency properties for any water left on the paintwork.

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We are here to help you
If you require car care advice or you’re unsure on which Autoglym product to use for a specific task, please leave a comment below or head to Autoglym Australia for more information.