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Thanks guys for all the input.

I called BYE today and spoke to one of the mechanics and said I don't mind waiting for the car booked in but at least tell me the dates and don't keep pushing it back otherwise I'll be waiting till next year and if they're not interested then just tell me upfront so I won't waste my time and theirs.

So with that being said my car is booked in on 6th November so we'll wait and see, I don't mind if they miss a day or two but come 6th November if they pull the same card like "ohhh we're so busy and it'll be another few weeks then I'm off to Tokyo Motorsport"

What really annoys me the most is that I followed every single advice Justin gave me in regards to buying the parts and brands he's ask so going to a different tuner I might end up being told no don't use that parts, use this brand instead bla bla....

They said it will take few days but just allow a full week to be safe... so we'll see hopefully won't be too long as I will be on rental car for the duration.

Yeah Sammy I agree I work in uniform and promotional products company and I can't imagine pulling something like "ohh sorry we're so flat out so we might start production in the next few week" they would've gone elsewhere so fast.

lets hope they stay true to their words come 6th November... cross finger.

Thanks again guys for all the input... will keep you updated
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