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Ended up finishing the 2015 sti TMIC install, pretty stoked with fitment. Replaced the complete clutch setup with a HD one i had laying around to get clearances that i needed. Didnt have to smash any of the firewall etc with a hammer so pretty chuffed.

post images

Stereo was full kebab show car spec with wires, subs, amps and shit everywhere but somehow manahed to sound absolutely crap. So completely ripped put all the wiring and have left the car without a stereo and will be removing the head unit once ive printed a blank plate to fill the space. Here is some of what i pulled out

Next on the list was to sort out the cockpit. One thing i always wanted to do but couldnt commit to on the sti was a decent seat as i was constaly fighting against the steering wheel to keep myself planted in the stock seats. Took a trip to gogear and ended up grabbing a budget OMP fixed back. 8ve never had a fixed back seat so I didnt want to lash out first time around and a few drives later be wishing id got somthing else as that had some better fwatures etc, this means i can get my head around what i lile and dont like about a fixed back and can confidently buy somthing better when the time comes and just religate the cheapy ro passenger seat. I also grabbed an SAAS deep dish suede wheel as the stock wheel was just to far away once id set the seat in a comfortable postion for my legs. Pretty stoked with how much just these 2 mods have transformed my driving experience. You really get to feel everything the car is doing compared to the stock seats.

pair of dice or die

Next was a set of front pads. Nothing soecial, just a set of PMU HC's

2010 subaru sti 0 60

Also deleted the antenna and printed up a custom blanking plate for shits and giggles

Pretty excited to get out on the track again this friday at Barbs
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