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T-REXX at standard level
Default FP Green and Red Turbos

Hey Guys


In typical Forced Performance fashion, a new breed of high horsepower turbos are now available for the Subaru WRX and STI in bolt on configuration. The FPGreen features a 49lb minute compressor and huge TDO6 turbine wheel. The FPGreen typically produces 400-450 WHP with astounding spool up response and efficiency. The term "Green Model" or "Green turbo" are trademark protected terms used to describe this specific combination of turbocharger components which includes our proprietary thrust bearing system. Forced Performance designed, developed and manufactured this unique combination of parts. The term "Green Turbo" is not similar to the term "VF34". You can get a "VF34" anywhere, and they are all the same since IHI makes them. The "Green Model" is different. They are manufactured by Forced Performance Inc. in our 6000 square foot facility in McKinney Texas. Forced Performance Inc. is the sole source for the "Green Model" turbocharger. Nothing beats the original.

The FPGreen's 7cm ported exhaust housing retains the stock Subaru flange patterns. An internal wastegate is standard on the FPGreen with an adjustable 15psi high pressure actuator and is capable of filling the Subaru motor with over 30 psi of boost if called upon. Install is simple and straightforward, allowing use of existing exhaust and intercooler components. This turbo features a 2.4" compressor housing inlet as standard spec or an optional 3" cover can be selected for those intending to run 3" air inlet tubes such as the Perrin tube.

Like all Forced Performance Mitsubishi race turbos, the FPGreen is fitted with FP's proprietary severe duty bearing system which increases surface area to deal with the loads of high boost pressure found in racing applications. No other vendor can offer this thrust bearing system. Forced Performance also carries stainless steel high flow oil feed lines to complete your installation.

For those of you that run 3" air inlet tubes for your turbochargers, we can now offer the FPGreen model with the 3" inlet compressor housing. This has shown to significantly reduce lag and deliver more whp by reducing the PR the compressor section must operate at to achieve a given boost pressure. The corresponding reduction in turbine back pressure is the key to this improvement.

Internal wastegate is now a ZERO $$ option. That's right! If you want it internally gated, you can have it internaly gated for FREE, Nada, Zip. Perrin makes an intake tube that fits this.

This turbo can be special ordered with a dry bearing housing that allows you to eliminate the water connections to the turbo. The standard configuration uses a Subaru type water cooled bearing housing with both water connections on the same side of the CHRA.

The thread specifications for the wet housing are as follows: Oil inlet - 10mm x 1.5mm, Water in/out 14mm x 1.5 (same side).

PDX Tuning reviewed this turbocharger recently; here is what they had to say about it. The thread can be found here :


As most of you have seen from the previous thread ( we have been pushing the 8cm Forced Performance Red on one of the PDXTuning STIs.

We took the car over to the local Dynapak dyno for some more tuning. Our goal was to push the midrange boost a bit more, and refine some of the fueling. We targeted getting a bit over 30psi in the midrange, as well as having it hold to 30psi at redline. We set the boost controller (AVCR) to 90% duty cycle the entire run (learn and feedback off), so this is about the max of what the internal wastegate combo will run. The results: 510 lb-ft of torque at 4900 rpm, and 521hp at 6700 rpm. These runs were done on the Dynapak, which as you can see below, records a LOT more torque compared to the Matrix Mustang Dyno. It is well established that this dyno design (which holds the car at the start RPM for a configurable time, often 2-4 seconds) can result in higher then normal torque. (at least when compared to a regular inertial dyno). Also, the load pushed against the car is linear in nature, as the dyno tries to control the ramp time to a liner and constrained rate. (you set the time for a pull). On the other hand, the Mustang simulates real world load by adding additional drag at higher RPM to simulate aero drag. To be clear, in no way would this same car make 510 lb-ft on the Mustang dyno. This should be yet another clear demonstration that you can't make comparisons across different kinds of dynos (much less even the same kind). Here is the plot of what the car did. ( Note that this is with SAE corrections, which are what most shops use. The dyno can also show either uncorrected or DIN correction. The correction factor wasn?t much, since the SAE standard is at 77 degrees, and it was about 80 on the dyno. ) I have not yet seen a shop post results with DIN correction (which reads lower).

As per the previous thread, this is with C-16 fuel, AFRs in the 12.0-12.5 range, and timing was as per the previous thread as well (ramping to as much as 31 at redline). Also, on the previous thread, the possibility of this car doing a 10 second 1/4mile was mentioned. While we have not raced the car yet, I would suspect we could get something in the low 11s, but I would not comment or promise it having the power to do mid to high 10 seconds. Based on what I have seen from our results on the mustang dyno, something in the 380-400whp range usually nets 118-119 mph trap speeds, and perhaps 11.9-1.7 ETs. ET's are very dependent on the launch, while trap speed is more power dependent. You would suspect that 500 whp on the Mustang dyno would net something in the 125mph range. As for the ETs, it would be very dependent on the launch and the shifting.


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