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Conversation Between Tony and royaldevil_a
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  1. royaldevil_a
    15-04-2013 12:20 PM
    Thanks a lot for your reply Tony. I think i will go ahead just with a tune. But still was wondering why there is a huge difference in the tuning price.. evolution r quoted me only $550 for a tune
  2. Tony
    12-04-2013 05:41 PM
    I got 30hp out of just my exhaust. I have nothing else done. You will only get maybe 2hp out of a cold air intake. At our power levels they are useless for power gain. If you really want cold air intake. Take the silencer off your stock air box so it sucks air out of the guard. Wulla cold air intake on the cheap. The stock box is very good at sucking air. Make sure when you get the tune done you get him to provide a graph off boost and the AFR's. You might bot understand them now but make sure you get them so you can double check the safety of the tune. And make sure to tell him not too push for rediculas number otherwise dok dok.
  3. royaldevil_a
    12-04-2013 03:14 PM
    Hi Tony,
    Mine is 2009 wrx with Ultrez TBE. I read that u tuned your car from evolution R. I am also thinking abt retuning mine. Mine is just stock with the TBE. So was wondering what is your car and model. How much power gain did u get from compared to a stock. What the evolution R is much cheaper than Ecutek which quoted me nearly $1700 for a retune and Verso which is approx $1200. Besides, the evolution R told me that i need to get a CAI before the tune. Is it necessary to get a CAI before tune?

    Please give me a reply as i am entirely a newbie to the dyno tuning section. Your help will be really appreciated

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