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I work very closely with Subaru overseas. Even have my products sold in Motor Image's (They are Subaru's master dealer in Southeast Asia) showroom in Singapore like the Subaru approved HD radiator hoses. Check my cooling products thread. Also in talks with Subaru to do some demo stuff overseas soon. Will update when it all happens.

I will say this: Brant is good, so are the Subaru vehicles. But stuff do wear n tear. We don't chg only Subaru rings and pistons when our pistons wear out do we? We can choose Tomei, Wiseco etc right?

Instead of replacing a faulty keypad and reprogramming it, how about this?

Edit: John, Subaru is fortunate to have a loyal, passionate and skilled mechanic like you. But can you vouch for the rest?
Originally Posted by johnvk7 View Post
I must say I've never seen a Brant system fail entirely. Only faulty modules and, very rarely, a faulty keypad.
Are you able to replace and reprogram a keypad module?

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