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Originally Posted by Jeckle View Post
Well we survived, and made it through both days, the second only due to my service guy, Leigh, who solved an overheating problem I only noticed once I had finished the last stage on Saturday.

Learnt a lot doing this event, got a few things right, stayed on the black stuff all weekend except for one of the transit sections, which was dirt.

Most of all we both enjoyed ourselves, and thanks to those who came up to say hi, and wish us well, or gave a few tips. All was appreciated and taken on board.

Had a few issues with the go pro on Saturday and only got a few stages, Sundays I have all the stages, but I didn't check the camera, and by the last time round Pemby it was on a bit of an angle, but will put a link to this, once its on youtube, as it was my fastest, you'll just have to tilt your screen.
Awesome to see you guys went so well.

I don't think the smile could have been much bigger on either of your faces when I saw you all day Saturday!
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