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Thanks very much for the suggestions gents, very much appreciated.

I’ll give the contact cleaner a go in all the switches. When it happens they don’t operate on main switch or door switch, which was why I was a bit apprehensive about switches being at fault.

I’ll also get in to the habit of using the rear door switches occasionally too.

The rear passenger side started working again yesterday, I held the button down most of the way to work and out of the blue it suddenly worked, which is how it usually happens.

I had previously tried whacking the door trims but that hadn’t worked.

As long as I remember to wind them down and up once or twice a week it stays good

I’ll do the contact cleaner thing on the weekend regardless, and fingers crossed.

I do agree with dodgy switches in previous models, I had an STi bugeye previously and I had to replace window switches twice.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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