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Hi All,

Welcome to my blog!

I'm going to attempt to list the mods completed on my car so far and any future mods as I do them.
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Datalogit & Wide band O2

Posted 21-12-2009 at 11:35 PM by Rossco

After enjoying the cars new found power & responsiveness for a couple of months........I wanted more!

Having previously tuned my own cars (predominantly Mazda rotories, both N/a & turbos) using either Microtech or Wolf ecu's, I began to look into a PC based interface to allow me to see all of the hidden settings in the Power Fc and to log things like lambda, boost, injector duty & temps for track days....and tweak my tune as I add more to the car.

Enter the FC DATAlogit.
This smart little black box was originally a labour of love for a group of New Zealand based RX-7 enthenthusiasts who were fed up with the lack of english support for the expensive APEXI FC Pro PC tuning software available from Japan.

The Datalogit interfaces between the power FC ecu and the FC handset/monitor. Allowing a laptop to capture realtime engine parameters. It also allows live road tuning with a suitable wideband Oxygen sensor/driver, it also allows for maps to be downloaded - modified and reloaded to the ecu on the also drives antilag on the power Fc too, albeit harshly...

No point in trying to tune a turbo car without a wide band Oxygen sensor...Enter the Tech Edge 2j1 wideband controller and Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor. These are designed and made is Australia ([url][/url])
These Tech Edge units are cheap as chips now (under $260 AUD) and tech edge has been supplying wideband controllers for 15 years now so they are well thought out and even offer self contained dataloging among other features such as narrowband outputs to drive factory ecu's where needed.

I also built a standalone led wideband display for use when the laptop isn't in the car (99% of the time), It gives instantaneous notification of any problems with the fueling side of things (Especially as I'm still running the questionable factory AFM).


The display comes as a DIY kit for approx $50.
It takes about 2-3 hours to build.
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Welcome to Perth-WRX, click here to register!

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