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Old 09-01-2017, 04:23 PM
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Default Impreza is foundation for Subaru’s future

Subaru’s new generation Impreza launches this week packed with new features and sitting on the new global platform that will underpin all new models over the coming decade.

The fifth generation All-Wheel Drive Impreza has been on-sale since late October, with first customer deliveries starting this month.

The Subaru Global Platform offers new levels of agility, crash protection, efficiency and fun driving in a vehicle that is 95% new.

New Impreza is also the first Subaru to offer a 12,500 kilometre/12-month Capped Price Service program (CPS) – and combined with entry level pricing identical to the superseded model, it makes the new generation a compelling package.

In the first three years of the CPS, the total cost of servicing new generation Impreza is $1298.19, which is $918.86 less than the superseded model.

Available exclusively with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Impreza 2.0i sedan is priced from $22,400 Manufacturer’s List Price* (MLP) – and with considerable upgrades to specification.

Subaru Australia Managing Director, Colin Christie, said: “We’re delighted with the early response to new Impreza, from the styling and specification list to the technology that highlights Subaru’s safety leadership in particular.

“The introduction of EyeSight® driver assist in mid and top-spec Imprezas will mean more than half of the new Subarus sold in Australia next year will feature the award-winning safety-enhancing technology.

“That volume of vehicles will most likely place Subaru ahead of any other brand in terms of bringing this kind of invaluable safety-related technology to a mass market.”

Impreza maintains Subaru’s outstanding independent five-star rating for occupant safety from the respected Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Representing the biggest step-change in Impreza since the original launched in Australia in 1994, the key changes by variant are:

Impreza 2.0i
  • New generation touchscreen infotainment system featuring:
    • Apple CarPlay™ connectivity
    • Google Android Auto™ connectivity
  • Subaru Global Platform
  • Tyre pressure warning light
  • 115 Kilowatts of power at 6000 rpm and 196 Newtonmetres of torque at 4000 rpm
    • Higher power output, up from 110 kW
  • 17-inch alloy wheels

Impreza 2.0i-L adds (to 2.0i specification):
  • 8-inch touchscreen
  • Premium cloth trim
  • Dual zone fully automatic air conditioning
  • Electric folding mirrors with integrated indicators
  • EyeSight® driver assist
  • Front fog lights with integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Leather accented trim steering wheel and gear shift
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Upgraded Multi-Function Display

Impreza 2.0i-Premium adds (to 2.0i-L specification):
  • Electric sunroof
  • Factory fitted SatNav powered by TomTom

Impreza 2.0i-S adds (to 2.0i-Premium specification):
  • Active Torque Vectoring
  • Automatic head lights
  • Automatic front wipers
  • Heated front seats
  • Heated mirrors
  • Leather accented trim
  • Power driver’s seat
  • Side skirts
  • Steering responsive LED head lights with integrated DRLs
  • Vision Assist features:
    • Blind Spot Monitoring
    • Lane Change Assist
    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • 18-inch wheel – pattern unique to the variant
Old 09-01-2017, 04:24 PM
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The Subaru Global Platform is the fundamental technology that underpins next-generation models from now on, together with the core technologies of the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and EyeSight driver assist system.

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) say the platform offers "dynamic quality" that goes beyond high-performance, to engage emotionally with vehicle occupants.
It delivers a new level of superior driving capability, with smooth performance and outstanding drivability.

The SGP offers a distinct Subaru style of dynamic quality, producing a well-balanced vehicle with incredible driver response, no uncomfortable vibrations or noises, while delivering premium ride comfort.

Body and chassis rigidity are increased significantly between 1.7 and 2-times that of the superseded model - and huge improvements are made to the suspension and associated systems.

Combined with a lower centre of gravity design, Impreza responds accurately to the driver's steering input. Unnecessary steering corrections are eliminated and the vehicle maintains a road-hugging stance.

This level of sophisticated drivability even factors in future autonomous driving that will demand excellent straight-line stability.

The platform produces no uncomfortable vibrations or noises. A streamlined frame structure and stronger joints between various parts, are some of the improvements that increase torsional rigidity throughout the body.

High frequency sounds from the engine and transmission are largely shut out. Road noise is also reduced with the use of the input-separated mount suspension layout, and a high-rigidity chassis, considerably reducing cabin noise.

The design effectively disperses chassis resonance and distortion to significantly cut back vibrations from the steering system, floor and seats. The result is a comfort level that well exceeds its class.

Increasing the rigidity of suspension installation points allows the system to absorb shocks sufficiently, without flexing the body - producing a level of ride comfort that hides uneven road surfaces.

It delivers excellent ride comfort by effectively suppressing vibrations from the road surface and damping vibrations as quickly as possible, when driving over bumps.

Mounting the rear stabilizers directly to the chassis also helps reduce body vibrations by 50 per cent, compared to the superseded model.

Detail changes in the new platform include piping ports, that previously passed through the cabin interior structure, now moved to the outside, adding 17 mm front cabin space and 72 mm rear. The vertical plate of the side sill is positioned further out, increasing floor width.

The SGP offers linear response to driver input, such as acceleration and braking. Less body roll during cornering provides outstanding dynamic quality, greatly enhancing driving enjoyment and peace-of-mind.

All occupants can take comfort with the reassurance and enjoyable driving experience that Impreza provides.

Control and stability is also excellent, with no unstable body roll when driving through corners.

The outcome of these improvements: a flat, comfortable ride.

The single platform design concept applies to development of all future Subaru models, including electric vehicles.

It can be customised to suit each model, consistently raising the appeal of all Subarus, while still enabling the unique characteristics of each model.

In future, engines are predicted to become more varied, with hybrid, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles increasing in demand, alongside petrol engines. The single SGP design concept caters to them all.

The use of a common design concept also leads to more efficient development of a wide range of models.

Therefore, management resources can be better used in more relevant areas.

Platform components for numerous models, previously manufactured using different types of equipment, can now be made on the same production line. This is just one example of the increased production efficiency that can be passed right down to affiliate companies of FHI.

A standardized design concept also makes it easier to run "parallel production", making numerous different models at the plant in Japan.

The platform brings the advantages of a flexible production system on a truly global scale.
Old 09-01-2017, 04:25 PM
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Impreza’s design team paid close attention to enhancing the key areas of vehicle behaviour, control and noise. These areas are fine-tuned to deliver an exceptional level of quality that is instantly recognizable to the driver and passengers.

New Impreza minimizes the time - known as the transient region - between driver input and detected vehicle movement. It also responds as the driver expects - providing an enjoyable, easy-to-drive experience.

Impreza is a bold, lively expression of Subaru’s new dynamic design direction, combined with the launch of the Subaru Global Platform.

The solid design theme produces sharp styling and body proportions, with a chiselled look across body surfaces, edges and contours, producing a sturdy profile.

Impreza is 10 mm lower than the superseded car and 35 mm wider.

The Subaru family look combines a classic hexagonal grille and hawk eye headlights to highlight the wide and low stance.

Narrow and sharp design head lights with a C-shaped motif boost Impreza’s sporty appearance.

A style line dubbed the "dynamic blade" runs the length of the doors, producing a distinctive sculptured profile.

Windscreen angle aids the flowing aerodynamic style, highlighted in Impreza hatch by a large rear spoiler.

A sturdy-looking horizontal bar across the front grille represents a horizontally opposed engine conrod – underlining Subaru’s Boxer engine heritage.

The rear combination lights are positioned to project out from the shoulder, where the profile lines converge.

Panel gaps are minimized as part of attention to detail, enhancing overall appearance.

Black front fog light inserts and the rear bumper cover feature a new textured finish, for a premium appearance.

Impreza has sharp, streamlined head lights that highlight its sporty image.

The LED head lights in Impreza 2.0i-S include advanced functions such as Steering Responsive Head lights (SRH) and LED daytime running lights (DRL).

Other variants feature halogen head lights, with the same streamlined look as the LED head lights.

Multiple aerodynamic improvements benefit fuel efficiency, sportier driving and stability.

These measures include:
  • Front bumper: new lower edge and fog light shape and use of Active Shutter Grille
  • Cowl panel (windscreen base): minimal step between pillar and glass
  • Large rear spoiler + end plate (hatch)
  • Rear combination lights: tighter edges + outer lens protrusion
  • Rear bumper: optimized amount wrapping around from the side + revised radius of corner arc
  • Lower body: optimized shape of under cover
And in sedan:
  • Roof line: lowered rear edge
  • C-pillar: tighter shape
  • Boot lid: shape of rear lip

Every new Impreza variant features the active shutter grille, located in the centre of the lower front bumper. It closes, depending upon driving conditions, reducing the amount of air flowing through the engine bay and under the cabin floor. This reduces air resistance and aids fuel efficiency.

Impreza’s nose cone bumper achieves a sporty design, excellent pedestrian protection and safety during minor collisions. A low specific gravity material is used to reduce weight, while a geometric texture is used for fog light covers, for visual appeal.

Bumper bracket rigidity is increased and a seamless structure used for gaps between parts, improving assembly precision. This provides a more integrated look between the body and bumper.

Impreza 2.0i features a silver painted horizontal highlight bar, with other variants adding a chrome-style bar.

For the first time in a Subaru, flat wiper blades are used, with a thinner profile than previous designs, aiding visibility.

Every Impreza has an aluminium bonnet, saving approximately 5.2 kg in weight.

Thicker door outer panels are used, increasing rigidity, improving the sound of doors closing and the solid feel. Glass thickness is increased and the cross-section of sealing parts changed, lowering noise levels.

An auto open/close function is used for the driver and front passenger windows, for added convenience. In a first for Subaru, a speed control function is added, with the window rise decreasing slightly before fully closing.

A new shape mirror body and indicator light debut on Impreza, improving aerodynamic performance and reducing noise levels, including the internal motor.

All variants other than 2.0i have electric folding mirrors, while 2.0i-S adds a heat function.

The A-pillar cover shape produces a flush surface that limits airflow interference, improving aerodynamic performance by 0.4%. The cover is also designed for a smooth transition between the A-pillar and door surface, creating a clean look.

In Impreza 2.0i-S, the sill cover aids aerodynamic performance and adds to the sporty look.

A stainless steel molding frame is added to the bottom edge of the quarter glass, extending the design of the door window trim. A pinchweld seal at the front edge of the molding is eliminated, reducing the molding width, for a more seamless look.

The resin fuel filler surround is lighter weight, with a higher quality finish.

An accentuated horizontal design is used to boost Impreza’s wide and low appearance. The C-shape design element is incorporated into the styling, for a look matching other new Subaru models.

The lights are machined with a crystal-like profile for enhanced elegant visual appeal.

In the hatch, a lip is added to the outer lens indicator corner, improving aerodynamic performance.

The light is mounted to the lower edge of the roof spoiler, achieving a balance between visibility, aerodynamic performance and design.

The previously shelf-mounted brake light is now located at the upper edge of the rear screen for better styling and visibility. It sits flush against the glass, preventing light seeping into the cabin.

The rear bumper is designed for aerodynamic performance and a sporty look. The lower section is shaped as an extension of the body and large aerodynamic covers are placed behind the tyres. This contributes a -1.5 Cd aerodynamic improvement.

Rigidity of the bumper mounting bracket is increased, reducing body gap by 0.2 mm. Aerodynamically shaped fins also aid rigidity.

Panel thickness is reduced and lower specific gravity material used, reducing weight.

A geometric texture is used for the bumper blackout section, for greater visual appeal.

A resin roof spoiler aids aerodynamic performance, enhanced visibility and style. A large end plate is fitted to the spoiler, creating a sporty look and improved aerodynamics, as well as contributing to fuel efficiency.

The roof spoiler and end plate were refined in wind tunnel testing for the most effective shape, resulting in a 2.0% improvement in aerodynamic performance (Cd).

The end plate enables the rear glass to be shortened, saving weight.

The roof spoiler features a split upper/lower structure, for a longer horizontal design and thinner cross-section, benefitting performance and styling. Spun-dyed black lower panels are used for a two-tone finish.

A kick-up shape is used for the rear end of the boot lid, enhancing the look and improving aerodynamics.

The roof molding has a curved cross-section, with a better appearance. Luggage carrier caps on Impreza hatch can be opened and closed without using tools, improving practicality.

The sunroof operating mechanism (slider, rails) is revised for a 6.0% thinner and 7.0% lighter design. Use of a resin deflector and a refined shape reduce wind-induced noise by 4.0%. Improvements to reduce wind “throbbing” also results in a 5.0% cent larger opening area.

All lightweight alloy wheel designs include positive offset changed from 48 to 55 mm, reducing offset wheel mass.

  • Crystal White Pearl
  • Ice Silver Metallic
  • Dark Gray Metallic
  • Crystal Black Silica
  • Venetian Red Pearl
  • Pure Red
  • Dark Blue Pearl
  • Quartz Blue Pearl


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