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Lightbulb Celebrating the 12th Year Since First Being Introduced, Subaru's 4WD Enters the Third

(Continued from last week)

As the Justy has been developed with four types of models, looking at previously developed 1.0-liter cars, it has been finally accepted into the market as a car with great individuality. We constantly maintained an evaluation standard in which we asked if a product perfectly fits the feelings of those persons searching for a vehicle that matches their own lifestyle, including persons in their twenties and thirties who are classified, to use an old expression, as “New Families”. Knowing that it would not be accepted if equipped with functions and equipment that were merely showy, turning it into a kind of forced product, we completely revised the vehicle specifications to come up with the four types of the Justy.

Cars that are driven by young people must have elements that allow them to enjoy their lifestyle and serve as a foundation to do other activities. Accordingly, it was the customers themselves who developed the Justy. For example, we have incorporated various systems if you want to create an audio room, and there are also other optional parts in order to enjoy driving. In other words, we expect there to be various individualized and creative uses of the Justy.

Although it is thought that 4WD is the centerpiece of the Justy, the Subaru 4WD first went on sale in 1972, meaning that it has a 12-year history of performance in the Leone. Subaru developed the Sambar 4WD for the light commercial vehicles from a groundbreaking perspective, and sales of the Rex Combi 4WD reached the top of its class. The 4WD function has become highly regarded by customers recently. In the past, 4WD was thought of something for special vehicles that drove on bumpy roads or “off roads” where there are no clear paths to follow. However, the second stage of 4WD automobiles have gained acceptance as practical vehicles that exhibit exceptional strength in areas of the country with heavy snowfall, and now we are entering the third stage of 4WD. This is not only because 4WD vehicles capable of providing comfort with high marginal performance and extreme safety when driving on highways or on rainy days, but also because the concept of a new sporty car has been gradually permeating the minds of young persons.

We seized this opportunity with main models being 4WD/RS, so I think that Justy will have a wide ranging appeal.

(To be continued)

The above was taken from Cartopia Vol. 141. This column featured the second half of this discussion in Cartopia Vol. 142 of the following month. We look forward to reproducing the second half of the discussion here next week.

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