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Lightbulb safety design and functional design in the Rex

In the Attic named Pleiades

In the catalog for the first generation Rex, the safety philosophy of Subaru and its stance towards car making with emphasis on people (a principle that holds true to this day) are introduced. Various safety devices and comfortable functions that are taken for granted today were already equipped in the light cars that went on sale 30 years ago. Here, we extract portions from the first Rex catalog that was issued in July 1972.

[Attracted by Essence of the Rex]*
The scrupulous attention to safety design and functional design in the Rex has no doubt attracted many people.

Safety Design for Human Dignity

? Dashboard . The bold protruding shape of the dashboard on the passenger seat side has been designed in order to reduce shock in the event of crashes.
Moreover, the Rex soft padding not only covers the surface but is soft all the way to the center. Unfortunately we cannot cut a section out to show you.*
Also, consideration of design can be seen in the way that the upper part of the protruding glove box can be used as an assisting grip.

? Door inner lock . The lock is positioned so that the driver can even check the lock on the passenger side while in the driving position. Of course, there is no danger of children in the rear seats playing with the lock.

? Room lamp . The room lamp fitted above the driverís head is linked to the door switch and also serves as a warning light for when the door is half open. This explains the reason why the door switch is located not on the hinge side but on the edge (in all models except the standard version). Moreover, because the room mirror detaches on impact, this prevents injury in the event of accidents.

? Pilot lamps . The charge, oil and handbrake lamps are lined up on the right side of the dashboard. The pilot sign for the hot-wire printed rear glass, which is a standard feature in the Custom L, is ďCLEARĒ.

Consideration Design combining Functions with Convenience

? Dashboard lamps (Custom L, Super L, GSR)*
Illuminating the center panel with a pale light, the dashboard lamps prevent misoperation at night. Through guiding the heater lever and showing the cigar lighter position and so on, these lamps assist safe night driving.

? Glove box Although obvious, it is troublesome when you canít fit the things you want into the glove box. This is a prime example of the user-friendly design of the Rex.

? Rear side pockets (Custom L) These are handy for inserting a camera or cigarettes and so on. You can also enjoy the deluxe feel of resting your elbow on it.

? Center ventilation and powerful heater The center ventilation delivers fresh outside air to the upper body. (The Custom L has a lever for adjusting the wind direction). Through combining this with a two-speed fan that can switch between outside air introduction and inside air circulation, air conditioning can be flexibly adjusted as desired. In addition to the ideal temperature adjustment of cool head and warm feet, the fan can also be used to rapidly heat the car, shut out dust and odor and act as a defroster. Moreover, the center ventilation has a non-step adjusting lever for flexibly adjusting the air flow, and the heater is also scrupulously designed for fine adjustment of temperature.

? Passenger side door key lock (excluding the Deluxe and Standard) You can freely use the door key lock from either the right side or left side. Moreover, two-step opening of the door has been adopted for safety. User-friendly reversible keys are now common knowledge.

? User-friendly gasoline inlet design When refueling, even if you spill the gasoline, it wonít stain the body. Itís just a minor feature, but there is a small hole beside the gasoline inlet. Moreover, the inlet lock is fitted as standard in all models except for the standard.

? Foot space What is the key to revealing the secret behind the extensive front foot space in the Rex? It is the RR system. Naturally, placing the engine to the rear creates extra room at the front. Moreover, the spare tire is also housed at the front, thereby proving useful for securing safety in the event of accidents.

? Reach Everybody knows how to adjust the seat according to the pedals, and how to adjust the angle of the back rest. Now try reaching for the switches and knobs. Operability is really good. Thatís because of the concave dashboard.*
Now, how about the reach for the shift lever? If it doesnít fit your needs, the Rex allows you to alter the position to the front or rear by 70 mm. In order to do so, loosen the three bolts at the base of the lever, move it to the desired position, and re-tighten the bolts. (Was there ever a car that gave so much thought to the driverís needs?)

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