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Old 16-05-2010, 07:14 PM
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Default Clutch replacement for tune...dilemma

Ok keyboard warriors I want some opinions.

Getting the clutch changed (Exeedy OEM) this week on the Foz when I come up from Albany to do my tune in Perth. With this turbo setup I'm meant to be looking at around 200kw at the flywheel. From what I've been told, once it gets over about 170kw at the flywheel the stock Foz clutch will start slipping. AFAIK the clutch hasn't been changed previously (162k kms, I've owned it for 13k kms) but I haven't really had a look in the logbook.

BUT - something I didn't think about before, they will need to remove the dump & TMIC to change the clutch. During my twinscroll conversion we had a huge issue with installing both, the studs all had to be removed from the turbo to line up the dump properly & the TMIC is difficult to secure because of the Y pipe location & the new turbo outlet & also the throttle body coupler was very difficult to put on. Adding all these to the job would (I imagine) add extra time to the ASG bill.

My brother said not to worry & we'll do it ourselves back home, save some $$. And we know how to tackle the dump & TMIC fitment + time is not an issue. This means it would slip on the dyno while tuning & then the track day on Saturday.

I personally do not want to do it because it's hard & I'm a pansy, the extra few hunj I pay for fitment is money well spent IMO. But at the same time I'm nervous that they will throw on more $$$ with these difficulties, money which I don't really have (spent close to $4k so far on it all). I will most definitley tell them about these few issues straight up so they won't stuff around for ages before working out how to do it.

It could play out 3 ways:
* Do it at home, save money, skin knuckles, not enjoy skidpan or get proper reading from dyno/tune.
* ASG does it, charges $$$ to deal with issues, enjoy car.
* ASG does it, takes a little longer, don't charge extra, happy days.

What would you do? Do I really need to replace clutch before tune?
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Old 16-05-2010, 07:17 PM
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tuna is a gurutuna is a guru

do the clutch first.

if your clutch slips, you cannot finish the tune.


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Old 16-05-2010, 07:21 PM
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I did jems 95 wrx clutch without removing the dump pipe but I had to remove the TMIC to get to the top of the gearbox.

I also paid for someone to do my 03 sti because I A. Didn't have the time and B. Thought the wrx was the most painfully anoyying car to change a clutch on ever compared to my old Silvia and Rx7.
This also burnt a massive hole in my pocket but was a shitload easier.
I think the comparison was $550 + gearbox and engine oil (while I was there) on Jems car.
And from memory STI was around $1200-$1400. Obviously the clutch to suit the 6 speed was a bit more expensive, I think they were going around $800.

I would personally get them to replace the clutch if your getting a tune and the car is going to be there anyway. Although being a man I also believe you should never pay anyone for something you can do yourself, she'll be right.
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Old 17-05-2010, 10:13 AM
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grumpyrex at standard level

As ASG is a specialist workshop they are working on these types vehicles all the time so they would know a few tricks & have the correct tools to help get around some of these issues. I wouldn't imagine that there would be a great deal of extra time involved over a standard fitment. Best thing would be to ring ASG & ask the question re price.
Definately do the clutch before tune.
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Old 17-05-2010, 10:16 AM
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Kato is a guruKato is a guru

No clutch, no tune.

Pretty simple answer really.
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Old 17-05-2010, 10:17 AM
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American Dave is a guruAmerican Dave is a guru

Andrew def get the clutch installed by ASG...yes it will cost you some extra $ but you will be sure it's done right. Tuning with weak clutch is a waste of time and $$ I reckon.
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