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Old 30-06-2015, 07:52 PM
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Default Fuel filter & service

Hi guys. New to this. First post. (Be gentle)

I'm looking to do a service and a few minor upgrades to my 99 Forester GT.
Standard oil, air and petrol filter. Fluid flush and replace (oil, brake, transmission, power steering etc). Then some add ons.

My question is - my fuel filter has 3 hoses coming off it (in, out and purge?) and the replacement filters only have 2 hose fittings?
What should I do?

After its service (timing belt seems fine, accelerater cable tightened already)
I will be adding some extras and upgrades to the stock engine (cat back 3" exhaust and silencer delete only).
- Td04l 13t (replacing stock tr035)
- bellmouth downpipe
- boost gauge
- hks ssq4 bov
- duel stage boost controller
- fuel cut defender
- cold air intake
And I'm sure I'll find a gasket or hose that will need replacing along the way.

Then off to the dyno for a tune.
Any idea on A- a solution to my fuel filter cunundrum?
B- what gains should I expect after the mild upgrades?

Any help appreciated.
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Old 01-07-2015, 07:58 AM
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Strubaru knows their stuff

hmm you sure you're not looking at the carbon canister, i've only ever seen the 2 hoses come off the filter, its obviously pressurised so i can't imagine how you'd have a purge line coming off it

you'll need an ecu to get it tuned unless you want to pay $2k+ for an ecutek, in with case i'd suggest going for bigger turbo too

cheapest way to tune would be to get a unichip (type a for your model) i did this when i had my 99 gt foz, with a vf22 on it i got about 160kw atw, felt great, i would suggest getting something a bit less laggy though like a vf34, your stock injectors will handle this fine, there a is a boost control module that comes with the unichip & you won't need a boost controller

if you don't tune the ecu you may aswell just get a boost t, this will work fine (just block off the stock boost solenoid line) but you'll only get about 11psi before you hit boost cut, and it will boost spike on cold mornings even when set to lower boost

have a read of this, its like the holy grail of starter mods for the foz:

might want to join too, great info on there too
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Old 01-07-2015, 10:44 AM
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Thanks Stubaru!

It was the carbon filter!

It was doing my head in last night thinking "why would a pressurised part have a purge??" and I couldn't be stuffed going outside with a torch to look around. Lol

I'm just doing these mods to get me through 12momths or so. Then I'll be doing a full STI swap (engine, tranny, box, diff, brakes etc). Then I'll be running a vf34-vf35, upgraded tmic, ecu (with electric boost control) and all the good stuff! ��
At the moment the car is due for a service and tune. And due to an accident after my car rolled down the driveway, down the street, bounced off a car, took out a wheelie bin and ended up in's all scratched up and getting a full respray in August. So I'll be keeping her (and the Mrs who forgot the handbrake lol). The turbo needs replacing/rebuilding so I'm just going to swap the tf035 with a Td04l 13t (then convert to 19t on about 6 months).
I already have the hks bov, hks boost gauge and turbo smart manual duel stage controller and thought I'd be stuck at 11psi (as its a stock fozzy ecu, tuned to tow) but I've found out I can fit a fuel cut defender to stop the ecu from crapping out and continuing to feed fuel after the 11psi point.
Have several mates sucssessfully running around on 16psi, that were previously stuck at 11-13 (subies, mazdas & nissans)
Hoping it'll work the same for me and get me into the mid teens of the boost world. Lol

But yes. You are 100% right. New computer, Vf series turbo and bigger injectors are coming with the STI swap next year (even though I said that last year! ��)

Thanks for the link and sudgestion for other site. I'll check it out and see us there!
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filter, fuel, service, turbo, upgrades

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